We are determined to achieve the highest standards

in everything that we do.


Our Philosophy is based on the God Almighty's Saying that: "Verily, We created HUMAN in the best of stature". Education gives awareness to human beings of their being "HUMAN in the best of stature" and is a transition from darkness to light.


Our Vision is to make students achieve their highest potential to become useful members of society and symbols of goodness, progress and peace with particular emphases on providing opportunities for gender development.


Our Mission is to create a challenging and motivating environment where students and staff use the programs of PBIS towards achieving its Vision and work in harmony to nurture learning, character building, creativity and resilience in vibrant atmosphere of love and care using latest learning methods and technologies.


PBIS is committed to:

  • Balanced Curriculum: Promoting a curriculum that caters to the students' physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual needs in a balanced manner as well as to their character building by teaching and training with depth, breadth, balance, coherence and relevance.

  • Interactive Approach: Teaching with an interactive approach to learning within a stimulated and structured environment to ensure that we promote in students, a sense of self-worth, self-esteem, confidence and pride in their achievements.

  • Value Appreciation: Teaching the students to appreciate and value needs of others and promote ideas of diversity and equality of all regardless of race, gender, color, cast and religion.

  • Encouraging Peace: To make students aware of both their personal responsibilities and duties to others encouraging harmony and peace in the society.

Professional Development

Pak-Bosnia Education Centre (PBEC) imparts a quality and effective in-house training program that facilitates its teachers across all campuses for ongoing learning and provides face-to-face and online opportunities for reflection of their teaching practices.

Professional development of our teachers is an ongoing activity, as we strongly believe that a school flourishes when its teachers are committed to lifelong learning. To develop their teaching skills, they undergo training courses on regular basis held by leading trainers. PBEC fosters and encourages lifelong learning while utilizing emerging learning technologies that open new opportunities for learning how to teach and the ways in which our students learn. Our vision is to focus on capacity development of teaching staff at Pak Bosnia International School and provide subject refreshers, competency based training and effective pedagogical strategies which in turn benefit the Pak Bosnia’s student community.


Our first Campus is situated at the entrance of the village, Alomahar, district Sialkot. Adjacent to it is the mosque to facilitate timely prayer. It is not too far from cities of Daska and Sialkot which make it suitable for a wide variety of outdoor activities. The environments of the School are inspirational in its layout and setting with playground, lawns and gardens. The campus is run by Seerat Institute of Health and Educational Technologies (SIHET).

Building: The school buildings are purpose built in design. The rooms are airy, bright and stimulating. The double story block (right wing) comprises of classrooms and two children libraries (one separated for Early Age and other for Secondary Students). There is a multi-purpose hall for larger gatherings. This block also houses the Tele-Medicine Center.


Special Block (left wing): In this specially designed Block, there is a state-of-the-art, air-conditioned Computer Laboratory, two Science Labs., a Class Room, a Committee Room and a Reference Library. On upper-floor, there are two large Class Rooms.

Administration Block and Cafeteria: There is an independent administration block that is adjacent to the School entrance. Attached to this is the cafeteria, which is closely monitored for Health & Safety. Emphasis is put on healthy foods. A school shop is also located in the school premises, which operates during School hours.

PBIS plans to establish more branches across Pakistan. Other PBIS campuses will be setup from time to time at various locations across Pakistan.