Campus Life

Co-Curricular Activities (CCA)

The school's extensive Co-Curricular Activities program enables students to participate in activities outside the academic arena. This gives them a terrific opportunity to try something new or to receive expert coaching in their chosen area.

Each term, there is great excitement for the students who eagerly check the list of CCAs or get information from school office. Some activities are led by staff but experts are also brought in to lead activities. Not all activities happen at school, thus sometimes students travel off campus.

Activities are grouped into areas of sport, creative, language, ICT, community and social ensuring a good cross section for the students to choose from. Participating in CCAs also enables students to spend time with students from different Year groups who share their interest.

House system


A House System is introduced at the School to encourage personal responsibility in the students. These smaller school communities engender healthy sports, games, cultural and other extra-curricular activities, building teamwork skills, promoting leadership skills and encouraging co-operation.


Students at the School will be assigned to one of the houses, which they join early and remain in that House until they leave the school. The House System will help build an individual's strengths within a group and create a bond with other students of all ages. By the time students reach their senior years they will become increasingly involved in running their Houses and coordinating House activities. Major areas of interest include English aptitude, Inter House Games, Athletics, Speech, Debate and Drama contests and many more. However, the students may also select other after school activities.


There will be a keen but good-natured competition and friendly rivalry between the Houses to see who will win the coveted House Shield each year. Points towards this prize will be accumulated from the various sporting, cultural and other competitions that are held throughout the year. Students can gain house points for displaying positive behavior, including completing work well, going out of their way to help others and showing initiative. Points can however, be deducted for negative behavior.

Field Trips

Trip Guidelines:

Learning "beyond the classroom" is an integral part of the school curriculum. For that, Field Trips are undertaken which though are off-campus but are considered on school time. These trips are led by teachers but where appropriate or necessary, external professional guidance is sought to provide specialist skills or knowledge.


During any such out-of-school event, all specific event procedures, rules and expectations of good conduct are applicable. For this, relevant undertakings are required on event-specific permission form. We also require prior parental consent for such activities. Minimal fee would be required from the participating students. If student’s behavior on a field trip place others at risk, then either the parents will be asked to collect that student from the activity or he/she will be sent home at the parents’ cost.


For Early Years children, there is at least one field trip in a year. In that parental help is valued and teachers may ask for suggestions and volunteers. All Secondary students are expected to participate in field trips that support curriculum work and student development.