Students Wellbeing

Student wellbeing is established and maintained through a Wellbeing Team with a Coordinator. This team will ensure that the needs of both the individual and the community are balanced to support a positive, harmonious learning environment. The Wellbeing Team has the choice of pursuing any combination of advisory, mentoring, counseling or community building strategies to support individual student needs and the best interests of the learning community.

Individual Program

In order to support a student who may not always meet our expectations, an Individual Plan (IP) may be drawn up in order to address identified needs and/or concerns. The Wellbeing Team is thus dedicated to supporting by promoting positive attitudes, choices, and behaviors, which aim at:

  • Promoting development of physical health, morality, ethics and social behavior,

  • Promoting respect for the rights of everyone.

  • Recognizing that each one is unique but treats others fairly,

  • Expecting the other to take responsibility for their actions,

  • Promoting compassion and tolerance,

  • Developing skills for a peaceful resolution of conflict,

  • Addressing inappropriate behavior and

  • Upholding the School’s Mission, Objectives and Ethos.

Classroom Teachers

In the School, each student has a classroom teacher who monitors the students’ wellbeing, provides a range of general support strategies for everyday concerns (academic or personal/social) and mediates issues. This teacher is the parent’s first point of contact at the school should they have any concerns or questions.

Collaboration with Parents

The School believes that education encompasses the whole child and his or her welfare. It therefore promotes a collaborative working process. The parents may at any time request a meeting with the Wellbeing Team to discuss their child’s progress. The Wellbeing Team will address concerns including providing support for students who are unable to benefit fully from the School’s programs and who need support managing their behavior or whose approach to learning may be detrimental to others. Parents will be informed of and engaged with all interventions of significant nature.


Support Structure

To support students who might have difficulty managing their learning or whose behavior or attitude might not meet our expectations, the process of responding is as under:

  • Advisory: Every time the school intervenes to maintain student wellbeing, it is primarily advisory. This means verbal advice (teacher-to-student, wellbeing Team-to-student, or parent/student/school meetings), and/or formal letters to parents. All interventions will begin with an advisory process, and all written advice is recorded.

  • Follow up: A student may be assigned a learning mentor to follow an individualized program. The goal would be to foster positive behavior and attitudes that would better support both individual learning and community needs. All mentoring goals are negotiated and recorded.

  • A student may be required to undertake work to develop a better understanding of the values expressed through the school's mission. This may take the form of individual or in-group reflection.

  • Counseling: A student may be required to follow a counseling program to address behavioral concerns or attitudes that cannot be managed through our mentoring programs. The goal would be to foster appropriate behavior and/or attitudes in the community. This service will be external.


To promote individual wellbeing and to address legitimate concerns about inappropriate behavior or attitudes, a student would need to spend time with members of the Wellbeing Team. This will require temporary absence from the daily routine of the learning community necessary to accommodate advisory, mentoring, or counseling meetings. A student who fails to work constructively with our Wellbeing Team and/or fails to address behavior or attitudes that are seriously incompatible with the school's expectations of the proper behavior, may be required to pay fine and if so required may be removed from the School as a last resort

Pakistan Law

If a concern is serious enough under Pakistan Law to be reported to the authorities, the Wellbeing Team will manage this with the prior approval of the Head of School and, where appropriate, with due notification to parents and in this respect, the school will act vigorously to protect all individuals in the community from drugs, violence, weapons, sexual harassment or theft.